Many Thanks to Our Wonderful Sponsors!

Peggy Chiarenzelli from The Red Barn Quilt Shop in Belleview, FL machine quilted the WTC Quilt and the Pentagon Quilt. Her sister, Jane Allen Quevedo, quilted the FDNY and NYPD quilts. They used donations the received at the quilt shop to cover their cost. God bless you both and the people who donated!

Air-Lite has agreed to donate their top-of-the-line
batting for all five quilts! Many thanks!

Air-Lite Synthetics Manufacturing, Inc.
342 Irwin St.
Pontiac, MI 48341-2949
Phone: (248) 335-8131
Toll Free: (800) 521-1267

Sampler Cove Designs

Vikki Clayton Silks

Katrina Boyd

Thanks to Lowe's in Florence, Alabama for donating
the PVC needed to make stands for the quilts!

Kajsa Askerup Elizabeth Hoffmann James and Evelyn Regan
Carole Andersen Geraldine Henderson Becky Reid
Sheri Anderson Kris Herber Amy Repp
Kathie Baumgardner Dawn Huether Kathie Riamondi
Ann Bausser Vicki Ingersoll Donna Lynn Rogers
Sally Beckett Jackie Jacobson Kaye Russell
Michele Bellis Carol Jeffries Nancy Ryals
Nancy Blask Trudy Johnson Leigh Shafer
Nancy Boston Diane Jourdan Meg Shaffer
Angela Bray Kathy Keane Beverly Sharp
Adrienne Brooks Donna Maria Kennon Anne Simmons
Robin Busch Terry Louise Kermode John Sirianni
Ileana Carillo Michelle Kirby Melissa Smith
Joanne Cohen Katina Kronas Carol Smith
Yvonne Craddock Lynn Kuhn Cecie Stark
Gayle DePerry Sue Lambert Taffy Soderholm
'Chelle Dodd Julie Lethbridge Rachel Spory
Shirley Dodson Tamara Lirette Martha Steidel
Karen Elder Cathy Lloyd Larissa Squier
Marcella Everett Ginger Malphrus Patricia Stith
Evie Faichney Shirley Martin Connie Subject
Kate Farrow Patricia Michaels Elizabeth Swims
Vicki Feeney Nancy Midwinter Lisa Tam
Sue Gastler Bev Mitchener Cynthia Tenney
Louise Glennon Nancy Molka Rochelle Tougas
Rosalie Geare Joni Mowery Felicia Valente
Anita Gray Barbara Nunez Heather Vasco
Chris Griswack Michelle O'Dwyer Evelyn Watkins
Donna Hamrick Debbie Parker Hazel Werner
Jeanne Harbison Linda Patacca Winnifred Whiteside
Pat Harper Kathy Pereira Carmen Wyant
Denise Hayden James & Judy Pratt Linda Zuroff